At Active Network Service we are proud to say we have built our client base of over 150 national and international clients 1 relationship at a time. Born to a tradesman son of an immigrant tradesman, I was shown very early the value of being a “GUY” or “mensch” in life. I have strived to build Active Network Service on those same ethics of honest work for honest pay and that there are some things more valuable than a dollar.

As we have seen this industry expand into every nook and cranny of what is no longer the business world of your father’s IBM, but how it has begun to mesh seamlessly into the everyday lives of your clients and customers. Today instead of the traditional shopkeeper greeting a customer at the door, you can very easily never even see their faces or know any more about them than they paid you for a piece of inventory.  Our experience serving large clients with the resources to do as they please has given us in-depth experience with most new and emerging tools and solutions and can show you where technology can help you achieve your vision and maybe even opportunities you may not be aware of.

Today’s marketplace offers solutions from collecting data on sales and foot traffic to help predict increased staff needs to hardened networks to protect your customers sensitive information.

At Active Network Service we offer field engineering and resources for all your commercial needs. to set up a call to discuss your needs  email me direct at