Active PC Care

With all the horror threats of CryptoLocker  taking over your computer and encrypting your data to Ransomeware that pops up demanding from hundreds to hundreds of thousands to release your system back to you. And the old enemy Keylogger that records everything you type is being installed on systems via the most innocent looking Trojans.and Spyware today’s home pc or office is a target of thieves and worse. and an even bigger threat is those online companies looking to “FIX” your problems cheap. today there are investigations and indictments against some of the most well-known foreign country support companies who do you trust?

Pop Up PC Support Scams   

To answer the question of many of our commercial clients for their personal devices, we are launching a new residential maintenance service.

For as little as 19.95 per month, you can have a LOCAL NJ company ACTIVEly caring for and protecting your irreplaceable Data, Photos and personal information. Our Maintenance clients also enjoy discounts on hardware service and replacement.

Be confident your PC is safe, secure and fast