Residential special for Bernie Sanders Supporters

Due to the recent reports of #BernieSanders supporters getting infected with malware redirecting search results to pro-Clinton sites we are offering  A 50% discount on our whole house ACTIVE PROTECTION SERVICE  

To qualify for this discount you will need to send us a screen shot of an Act Blue receipt in the amount of , well you know, to Bernie Sanders. AND  at least a 1 dollar receipt for one of the down-ticket candidates Bernie Sanders recommends.

Bonus , for every subscription with this program you will also receive a free        @BernieSandersIs4Us email address for every Act Blue Receipt of any amount

ACTIVE PROTECTION FOR HOME  gives you access to the same quality, experience, and knowledge that over 150 global companies rely on…… for a fraction of the cost. with several packages to choose from starting as low as $14.00 per month, you will enjoy the comfort and security of knowing a world class US BASED AND OWNED  support company is ACTIVELY monitoring threats that can cause you to lose precious data and even access to your computer. fill out a contact form today to have an engineer contact you to discuss your needs and find the right package for you..


UPDATE 5-3-1612472784_10154057398931057_8496182844549144465_n

we are seeing more and more infections of malware and Crypto ware on Sanders pc’s and tablets. Crypto lockey and other ransom ware that demands a payment to get access to your computer  to malware that hijacks your browser redirecting searches to pro- Clinton sites.