Store wide WiFi

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Is it time to provide a strong fast WiFi signal for your customers or just a secure network for your POS and inventory controls? Or a combination of the two. Does your location present difficulties with walls and multiple floors? Today some of the best-known Networking leaders have great options for your secure and non-secure wireless networking needs. And at Active Network Service we have the experience with multiple vendors and can offer impartial recommendations for you to use as much or as little of today’s vast array of networked retail tools. Static Displays no longer need be a choice between static and labor intensive Dynamic, changing and eye-catching content. all connected wirelessly to a self or third party content management solution. Inventory scan guns can make inventory-taking a breeze and has the benefit of gaining discounts from buying groups for being fully digital. Leave the old centrally located cash register model behind for Tablet equipped  staff who bring the power of your back office to the customer…….where the fun experience of the new and shiny is still hot.

Active Network Service is experienced and proud to be a trusted partner in the implementation of Cisco Merraki and Aruba networks Wifi infrastructure as well as many other simpler solutions.

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